As specialists in the manufacture of ready-mix concrete, Eco-readymix play an essential role in various construction projects around North Wales, Shropshire and the North-West of England. However, when supplying concrete to our customers, we can also provide a concrete pump. This allows us to further improve project turnarounds in three distinctive ways:

1. Precision

Our 37m boom concrete pumps come with a placing hose, which you can place wherever concrete is required. Our qualified pump operators will then begin pouring the concrete through a fixed 125mm pipeline to the stationary placing boom that is mounted upon a steel column up to 20m in height. If this column is supported by floor frames, the boom can climb a building as construction work progresses.

2. Speed

Here at Eco-readymix, we supply 37m concrete boom pumps. These booms have 5 arms and a pipe with a diameter of 125mm, allowing for quick and accurate concrete pouring.

3. Efficiency

Using a concrete pump is incredibly efficient. Additionally, our concrete pumps are stationary, meaning the site will be less congested. The benefit of this is that a less congested site is better for maintaining health and safety.

Do you require any ready-mix concrete for your next project? Get in touch with Eco-readymix today. We’re available to call on 01978 846976 or can be contacted online.